How can I get an overdraft?

heloo there how can i get a overdraft if is possible

Hey. Welcome to the community.

To see if you’re eligible for an overdraft you’ll need to contact Monzo in app. They’ll be able to tell you if they can provide you with one. Good luck.

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Instead of contacting Cs, you can click on the lending banner in app and it will tell you if you’re eligible for a loan and/or overdraft :slight_smile:


To note, if you are denied and in a few months you think your credit score has improved, you can ask support to recheck your eligibility :slight_smile:

When I became full Monzo, I went to the lending section only to be told I wasn’t eligible. I contacted CS gave them more info about my income and then they were in a position to offer me one. So sometimes worth contacting them.

I had a protective Notice of Correction on my credit file as I’d previously been a victim of identity theft. Monzo have no process to read an NoC so have a blanket policy not to offer an overdraft if you have a NoC on your file. I had to remove the identity theft protection from my credit file to obtain an overdraft.