What do you think about it, guys:

(Christopher) #2

FINANGEL LTD, Republic of Cyprus, Registration #389099

Nyet thank you.

(🦡🦡🦡🦡🍄🍄) #3

The English is very dodgy throughout. Instantly puts me off


That, and a Tesco Stores purchase in $ - about 5 years ago maybe. R-

(It was like that when I got here. ) #5

I can’t understand why you people are so down on this! They have Angel Points! I’m signing up!

Not even Monzo have Angel Points.

(Samvel) #6

I think it’s worth following this project. its should be interesting. :sunglasses:

(Tony) #7

Sure, profile-who-just-joined-and-this-is-your-only-post. I definitely believe it is worth following.


(Simon B) #8

“We can make magic like free credit and cleaning the ocean.”