Initiative Q 💀

Hi everyone :grinning:

We’ve come to the decision, both as the community team and with discussion amongst the Coral Crew, that we’re not comfortable with the level of link referral spam happening around this company. We’ve seen a lot of signups of people posting their links and leaving, and it’s starting to creep into other unrelated threads too. It feels very spammy, and it’s not a good look in our opinion. As such, we’ve closed the existing thread.

This isn’t a comment from Monzo as one company making a judgement call on another business, as that isn’t our place. But we do feel that, whilst we appreciate people sharing referral links and recommendations around existing products in order to get discounts etc, there’s a difference between that and people posting endless links for a largely-unknown product that may or may not turn out to be something tangible in the future.

It’s important that we both keep this community tidy, and we protect our users. The level of link spam combined with the lack of information, and the apparent focus on them attempting to gain users before actually building or releasing a product, isn’t something we feel is appropriate for our community. As such, these referral links will be removed.

Thanks! :slight_smile:


Good call.


Ah OK - so it’s still OK for other stuff, just not IQ?

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Sure as long as it doesn’t become an endless list of spammy links like IQ did. For example Freetrade currently provides value to those who want to use the service. So making a recommendation to invite someone seems ok to me.

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Did you work out what happened?

The initial link was posted ages ago, and didn’t really warrant much interest.

But the last 48/72 hours saw it explode with new users signing up, seemingly just to post their link?


It seems to have just exploded over the internet in general. Reports of it being all over Facebook, but no word as to why or any further updates from IQ themselves.

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Strangely enough, I’ve also seen it on Facebook this past week - I guess the viral posts are finally catching on.

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I am surprised why this soon-to-be Ponzi scheme was allowed to begin with tbh.


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Well that’s easy - all good Ponzi schemes start with something lots of people really, really want :slight_smile:

We are just talking about Initiative Q here. The level of spam was becoming quite overwhelming, and we need to exercise caution: it’s really quite unclear what Initiative Q will end up doing with users’ data, and indeed why their referral program has exploded this week.


So like what did ever happen to this?

Site is still there but yeah nothing

No social media updates since March.

Colour me shocked.


Dead :skull: funny that, turns out free money doesn’t exist.