Financial Health Tips

This!.. This is what I been saying all along! Well thinking it and actually only recently. Although to extend what @clabburn is saying, I personally believe part of helping people be better with their money is education.

For example, many people don’t know that’s it’s cheaper in the long term to buy a new phone via a 0% purchase credit card rather than pay it off through their network provider.

Little tips such as this one may not be directly beneficial for Monzo but it would help people in general keep more money in their accounts, which obviously benefits Monzo and the account holder.

Could Monzo perhaps create a financial health tips section, with opt-in in-app messages based upon our spending/saving habits?

Some people may not like them or may not feel they need them which is why I suggest they be opt-in. That and GDPR would probably require an opt-in before you’d be able to analyse their saving and spending habits anyway.

What other tips would you include?


Great idea! Totally should be opt in.

Also would give Monzo a more ethical feel as well helping it’s customers via tips in the feed.

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Done the right way, this could be really cool!

If there’s one thing we learnt from the first versions of the Targets feature, it’s that getting the right tone of this type of messaging is so important. There was feedback that messages like ‘You’re spending too much!’ were quite irritating, and so we’ve looked at how to make sure these gentle nudges don’t come across as pushy or irritating when it comes to the messaging.


Exactly! :slight_smile: it should hopefully be interpreted as financial guidance rather than financial management