Filters & Sort Order

With such great features already in the app, I have a suggestion for the transaction history.
So for example being able to select a transaction and see this is great:

Would it be possible to add a filter onto it so that you can filter it out for a given month?
So I could check if I had spent more at Costa in May than I did in June etc. I would like to be able to track things like this and it could help people to aim to reduce their overall spending in certain retailers on a monthly basis.

Alan mate - if they solve this one for you can you promise me you’ll go to a better coffee shop :joy:

But on a serious note I like the idea of more granular Merchant dashboarding. Maybe some machine learning factored in to stage an intervention when you’re having a freak month expenditure at one merchant

“you okay bud” it could say

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Admittedly not exactly what you wanted, but the transaction filtering tool is pretty great.

Sadly there is only “this” and “last” “year/week/month/weekend”.

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Could we get a filter for “This Summary Period”? Even better custom filter ranges.

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