Filling in missing retailers logos/addresses is addictive. You should gamify it somehow

(Damien) #1

It would be interesting to see how many corrections we’ve made etc.

(Tristan Thomas) #2

I would love that :slight_smile: I’m constantly checking every little detail of my merchants is correct. Maybe @hugo has some ideas? :stuck_out_tongue:

(George) #3

yes it would be cool to see some stats around it - wouldn’t it mostly be from missing foursquare/google maps data though? (I’ve had a cheeky look at the Mondo API) I’m sure there’s more Mondo Magic going on!


Stats on corrections would be pretty cool to have. Talking of corrections, it would be useful to have a notification when your correction has become part of the system.

(Zander) #5

This would be great, definitely gonna have a think on it. :game_die:

(Will Stanley) #6

This would be awesome


I was just flicking around and I noticed that a previously correct Tesco store is now incorrect. Instead of being the Barking Road one it’s now somewhere in Scotland and not Tesco. Has anyone else seen this sort of behaviour?

(tom) #8

We’ve talked about this internally before.

A push notification saying “your suggestion was accepted!” might be fun, but it could get annoying if you do a lot.

I do like the idea of a leaderboard or points. Same with inviting friends - “you’ve helped 12 people get mondo!”

(Ryan) #9

Would love to see this!


In theory, as Mondo grows there’ll be less corrections required. Maybe an option to have a weekly round up email of corrections accepted/declined.

(Sean) #11

Would be great, although Mondo seem to have started to lapse on updating logos and merchant details. I’ve submitted several now, a few times over and they’re still not getting updated. :tired_face:

(Matt) #12

I think as Mondo usage grows it is taking more time to sort through all the corrections. I added some over the bank holiday weekend, and they’ve just been submitted today.