Festival insurance

Hi, does anybody know of a way to insure myself for going to a large music festival and camping for a few nights? Mostly looking to insure my mobile phone & some cash against theft.

I’ve never heard of this product before myself

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Is it not covered under your home contents insurance? I know my phone and cash upto £1,000 is

I’ve been to plenty of festivals and never got insurance for it.

My guess would be your mobile phone insurance will cover it and not sure you could insure your cash? I’d just bring a card and/or keep your money on you at all times - I used to sleep in my tent with my money in the sock I was wearing.

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I don’t have any home or contents insurance

I don’t have any mobile phone insurance currently. Do you think most providers of this would cover me while I’m at a festival?

Do you need to take your mobile?

You could buy a cheapo phone to take with you

You’d have to check - I honestly can’t remember what I did - if you are that worried, at most festivals you can buy lockers so you can put your valuables away for the evening.

No phone insurers have an exclusion for festivals that I’ve heard of, all policy’s have to provide a document clearly showing what is excluded so you will be able to check easily,

About the cash, I wouldn’t have thought it would be worth taking out insurance for it, although some travel insurances will cover cash, and a UK trip of at least 2 nights away from home is often called a ‘trip’ so maybe look at that. ( They would prob ask for accommodation receipts to prove you were away I’d imagine, so not sure if they would accept festival tickets)

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Just had a look on travel insurance comparison, you can pick up a policy for £5-10 that covers cash and phone cover, look carefully because most don’t cover phones for loss and theft just damage.

I feel that most people’s normal phone insurance will be enough. Or contents insurance will cover both phones and cash.
I wouldn’t carry much cash anyway most festivals these days will have card payments available at most stalls and bars etc so a minimal amount of cash in a secure pocket should be safe enough. And with the phone get it in a waterproof case and in a secure pocket or attached to you and that should be fine as well. A padlock for your tenant bag is also a useful option as a bit of a bit of a deterrent to potential theives.
You can also buy waterproof and shockproof boxes these days yet can store and keep valuables safe (pelicase) or the likes.
I’ve been to tons of festivals though and never had a problem with most cash or lost/damaged phones.