Feedback on testing energy partnerships

:rotating_light: shameless plug :rotating_light: I’ve just created a Wiki to gather together all of the details about the partnerships so far, including solutions to some of the concerns / requests that user’s have raised..


I just got a popup about this in Google Now. Very cool feature, so long as this development isn’t distracting you guys from rolling out those current account features :wink:

What else can we expect to see in terms of new cool things in the next 12 months?

A roadmap isn’t yet clear, but we’re thinking about building some integrations on savings / investments, mortgage switching and possibly cashback. Too early-stage to say much more about this, but we’ll keep everyone posted :slight_smile:


In the longer-term I would love to see a category in the marketplace for charitable giving, even if not revenue-generating for Monzo.

Picking a random example, a one-click integration to become a member of Raise Your Hands (who direct your monthly donation to selected small charities), including setup of the associated direct debit, would be great.

Then we would just need a “Charity” spending category (discussed elsewhere) and automatically-calculated annual Gift Aid declarations :wink:


In case you’re interested, there is already one provider called Sustainably who’s built an integration with Monzo, to enable users to donate their change to charity -

It would be great to see charities being given such a prominent position in the marketplace.

I have a feeling that a solution’s on the way for this :slight_smile: that’d be really useful for me too.

Would personally like to see things like this only appear if you have a related bill.

Guessing this in the CA, is there a lot and what do they look like?


Like this;

I haven’t had these. In fairness that does feel spammy.

It’s spammy in the sense that it’s unsolicited, and doesn’t appear to have been targeted very well given that I’m already with Bulb and have set up regular payments with Monzo CA.

However given that it’s easily dismissed and you have the option to opt out of similar future offers, I really don’t have an issue with it.


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Do you have a permanent dismiss option?

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He certainly should.

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I can Clear (Dismiss) this from my feed (which I have done) but no there is no opt-out for this sort of thing. I think it will probably be added on later when full CA will be rolled to everyone at least I hope opt-out option will be given for any sort of offers.

I’m pretty sure it’s this option from the screenshot that Bob shared..


presumably you see that after tapping this button -


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Well I am pretty sure I did not see these when I pressed dismiss

Maybe Android users don’t have opt-out yet :slight_smile:

If you just dismissed the feed item from your feed (without tapping into the feed item first), then you won’t have seen it.

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When I tapped on it I was delivered directly to Bulb page which said something like Monzo is giving you £25

I am with Bulb already so this was but curious because if I recommend someone they get £50 and I think same for me for the recommendation. Monzo seems to be getting a bad deal from Bulb.

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They’ve explained how the referral fee is being split here -

I am not sure how they are only getting £50 from bulb when Bulb seems to be offering £50 for referring and another £50 to whoever signed up. Like I said Monzo seem to be getting bit of a bad deal from Bulb

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There are people at Bulb Community actively sharing referral links to earn and give £50 (again just to clarify £50 for whoever will sign up and £50 for whoever referred that’s £100 in total unlike Monzo’s £25 each)


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