Feedback on eBay

I’m new to eBay so its important for me to get feedback, it’s frustrating when the buyer/seller doesn’t leave feedback even if i politely request them to if they have time.

Anybody else experience this ? When i used to use it 10 year ago everyone left feedback instantly.

I only ever buy on ebay but I’ve missed out on a fair amount of feedback during the years. I always leave feedback when I receive items out of politeness and courtesy, unfortunately a lot of people dont seem to care…

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As a buyer, I currently find leaving feedback awkward, especially on mobile. It feels like I have to put in actual effort and go out of my way to leave feedback (not sure if i have latest app, haven’t bought anything on there for a month or two).

It used to be much easier, leaving feedback was easy and you could do a whole load of purchases in one hit, only taking a few seconds per seller.


I know how you feel so people won’t leave feedback when you buy or sel on eBay. I am lucky as I have had my account since 2004 and have continued to use it. So have built up feedback over the years. Must say seems to have got harder over the years.

I always thought eBay feedback was, er, odd. I’d never really feel like I needed to give feedback if I paid for an item and received like I was supposed to. I’d possibly only give feedback if it was a particularly negative experience.

Plus the feedback the seller gives you seems pointless. I pay for the item, and then they rate the fact they got the money? Surely it wouldn’t process the purchase if the money wasn’t received?

Also, what’s with the need for: A++++++ AAA+++ amazing buyer, fast payment, all good #YOLO #eBay :heart_eyes_cat::heart_eyes_cat::heart_eyes_cat::heart_eyes_cat:

I’d be happy for a default five star rating from me after a few days if I didn’t manually give feedback. Seems like a strange relic of a system from the 90s

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