Feedback and horizon scanning


Hello all.

I’ve now been using mondo a few months. Issues are few and far between and (mostly) instant notifications are amazing. Keep up the good work all you techie wizards and potential geniuses behind the scenes.

I’m now travelling for maybe 12-18 months. First month in Paris and so far so good. Off to Italy next month.

Anyway, the other reason for writing… Has anyone heard of plastc


Yes, I posted before I’d finished. Some of their features do look mighty impressive. I don’t know much about the card technology, but when M becomes a bank - having all your accounts accessible from one does sound pretty good…

(Rika Raybould) #3

Plastc is weird, I like the idea but I find the execution strange and lacking in support. So much about it is still undefined or “coming soon”.

For the most part, as retailers and banks continue to roll out Apple/Android Pay support, if Apple ever implements a low power emergency payments mode and you just carry one backup physical card to the Phone or Watch, almost all the reason for wanting this in the UK disappear.

(Rob) #4

If you want to reduce the number of cards you carry you might want to keep an eye on Curve. It’s another fintech startup here in the UK, but it’s not ready for a consumer launch just yet (I understand they’re aiming for later this summer). After loading your debit and credit cards into your Curve wallet (an iPhone-only app), you then just use the Curve wallet app to select the which card you want pay with.

I find their approach very similar to Mondo - they’re open, helpful, and their engaging with their community.