Plastc support

(Harry Barnes) #1

Does anyone know if Mondo cards will be compatible with Plastc? Plastc cards have the hardware support for making EMV and contactless payments but they say in their FAQ’s that it won’t be enabled for all banks:

In order for contact EMV and/or NFC payments to be enabled on Plastc Card, we need to come to agreeable terms with both the PNO (Payment Network Operator – Visa, MasterCard, etc.) and the card-issuing banks.

Just wondering if either the Mondo beta cards or the official Mondo cards (once they have a banking licence) will be compatible and if so will it work on both EMV and contactless? I recently pre-ordered a Plastc, so I’m really hoping Mondo will work with it!

P.S Here is a link to the website for anyone who’s wondering what on earth I’m going on about :joy:

(Caleb Wong) #2

Plastc would need to make agreement with Mondo or the card provider in order to get it started I guess.


Further reading of the plastc site is the entire chip or contactless isn’t enabled at launch, not with any bank. It’s a down the line thing. Makes it very useless in the UK for example where magnetic strips are a thing of the past.

So I’d wait till they even enable it before asking if Mondo supports it :slight_smile:

(Caleb Wong) #4

I hope they will, and I am a backer.
At least the display which can shows barcode is very useful!
No more membership/store rewards card in my pocket.

I do have Coin, and the only thing I can do now in UK is Nectar card. Starbucks is possible, but why not use the app, etc. But it is cool especially the v2 Coin is so much better on the mag swipe.


Interesting idea, but why put all that complexity in the card - needs a battery, will be vulnerable to damage - when you could do it like curve and push the complexity into the app?

(Harry Barnes) #6

There are many reasons I prefer the idea of Plastc to Curve, but the main one is that I can actually put all my cards onto a Plastc - unlike curve where I can only put payment cards on. I’d say only about 40% of the cards in my wallet are payment ones, the rest are loyalty cards/work passes/ID cards and in order to store these, I’ll need the more-advanced technology in plastc like the magnetic stripe, NFC, and the touchscreen.

I also don’t like the fact that with a Curve card you can’t actually use any bank card to pay for the transaction directly. From what I’ve read, it seems that Curve processes the payment and your bank card gets charged by Curve - not the merchant - after the transaction has taken place, adding delays. I may well be wrong on this, though, as I don’t fully understand Curve so correct me if I am :slight_smile:

(Harry Barnes) #7

They haven’t updated the FAQ’s in a while, the original estimated launch date was Summer last year so that’s why they thought they wouldn’t have the chip supported at launch but now the launch has been moved to this summer.

In their latest email they confirmed that they are able to enable the EMV chip/contactless whenever they want via an OTA update, but they’re only going to do so once they have enough banks supporting it - so if enough banks make their cards compatible with Plastc then the EMV/Contactless functionality may well be enabled at launch - hence why I’m hoping Mondo are making their cards compatible with it :smiley: