Feature request: search by user flair

I know that this is a feature request for Discord, but perhaps there’s some way already and Monzo just need to enable it. There’s a lot of chat on the forums, and often in large threads. People with Monzo flair - i.e. staff - speak with more authority, so it would very often be very useful to be able to filter for comments in a thread from just those accounts.

nervous rickroll laughter


Oh, no, they just hellban all your rickrolls now.

You can filter by user so if you knew who the staff were then just select their comments.

Just checked and on the longer threads you can see their flair on the first post of the thread

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I’d find this useful because I often forget which Monzo person said it.

Or search by usergroup, then we can use @monzo


Here they all are:


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try group:monzo in the search :+1:


Is rickrolling the official line Monzo is taking on matters?

Hah, briliant! They should pin that somewhere.

Quite a few in there that are now ex-Monzo? One for @AlanDoe to tidy up?