Google £1 authorisation payments

I have a lot of £1 Google payments and subsequent refunds cluttering my transaction history. These get triggered for all sorts of Google payment reasons, but the dominant one for me is that it seems Google does a £1 hold when doing card autofill on Android to verify the entered CVV and “unlock” the card in the browser. Is it possible to merge the payment + refund transactions and replace these with “Active card check”? A possible issue is that it might not be possible to differentiate between authorisation holds and actual £1 payments.


Weirdly…these all come through as £0 active card checks for me in Monzo…

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I have never got this when I pay with android

I think Google might have changed their active card checks so they don’t charge.

The OP is over two years old.


You also need to release that an active card check is different to a £1 fee.

Example you sign up to say add the billing details and complete a purchase you get an active card check then the full transaction amount taken.

Example on iTunes you add billing details active card check, then you say purchase a movie they then do a £1 check funds in account (pre-auth) and refund then a few days later the full amount is taken.

I have never seen an Acfive Card check have an amount against it ever on Mondo or Monzo

Just also checked my feed, actually last active card check that had a fee was Dec 2016 for Smyths Toy store an iTunes since then for every retailer I have used the Active card check has a £0 and I am able to delete it from the feed, so something has changed since 2017 either in Monzo but more likely the retailers

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