“Pay me back” option

Hi Monzo team,

Quite often my partner or I end up paying for one another when doing shopping (one is out doing shopping, the other at home for example).

At the moment in those cases we use the “split the bill” feature but that doesn’t quite cut it.
First it is too complicated for the need since there is nothing to split but also the “split the bill” feature does not make it easy to put all on one person and nothing on the other as the + and - buttons grey out beyond some point.

Could you make it easy to ask someone to pay you back for a purchase please? Thanks!

My husband and I do this & use the split feature - have you tried manually typing in the amount? You should be able to tap on this and type in how much you want to split eg the full value.

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You can input any value you want with your keyboard. You can make one person pay the full amount too :slight_smile:

Another option… Have you considered a joint account?

If you don’t want to go ‘fully Joint’ try a Monese joint account, as that doesn’t report to credit agencies.

Yes you are right and that is what we do. So I am not saying there is no workaround.
I am just saying that this requires more typing than usual, when you could just have a tap on a button to request the entire amount.
Alternatively, if the + and - buttons were just not disabled at some point that would make it easier without requiring a new feature.

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We do have a joint account, but that is the budget for running our household only.
We also have separate expenses hence the current request.


You could just request the funds via Payments > Request?

Does split bill not let you request the full amount

Doing a request payment is worse because there is no help around the amount. It is free form.

Considering the answers I got so far, I feel I am probably misunderstood in my request so I will elaborate.

Yes it is possible to request the full amount of a purchase using splitting the bill. I am not challenging that. But it is slow. It is slow because instead of tapping the - or + buttons until one person owes the total amount and the other person nothing, I have to input the value manually. Because for some reason the + and - buttons are disabled even if there is still some money to move.

I guess when you do that once in a while, that is not too bad. But I often do purchases for my partner because I am around town in different shops and they stay at home. Those purchases have nothing to do with me or our joint account so I don’t want to draw from that.

I just want to be able to not input an amount and just request the purchase in full from someone, giving me back a couple of seconds each time I have to do it. It seems like poor UI when you have to ask the user for several interactions when only one is required or when you ask for information you already have (e.g: the total amount)

So definitely a « nice to have » and not a critical bug.
I just thought it would be easy on your side Monzo because either you don’t disable the - and + buttons (easy fix) or you add a new feature or whatever because that is your app eh :wink:

Hopefully my non-urgent feature request is clearer now

Not the solution you’re looking for bit if your partner has monzo Plus or Premium they could give you the details of a virtual card to add to Google/Apple Pay.
That way you could make a purchase for your partner on your phone with their virtual card.

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As this seems to be more a way you run your partnership finances, why don’t you just got up the purchases and ask your partner at the end of a shopping trip to transfer you the cash, rather than faffing about with individual tabs or transactions?

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I think people understand what you mean but are offering solutions because there’s an incredibly tiny chance your request is added.

You could just spend from the joint account and leave it for your partner to pay that account back? Reducing your effort to zero.


Is it an iOS thing?

On Android I can hold the plus button and the full amount is requested from the person I want to split with. I can even tap the + button a few times and the full amount is requested :confused:


Thanks all for the comments and ideas. :slightly_smiling_face:
I understand this is low priority and won’t probably be actioned. Thought it was just worth mentioning as a feedback in case it was a small development.

I am still unsure as to why the - and + buttons are disabled when it would just be easier for them not to be but I understand my problem is kind of niche.

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The buttons are greyed out for me on iOS too.

Enabling that would help to start with at least

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Here with you on this. + / - working fine Android Pixel 6 Pro.

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Just tap the number and you can type the full amount when splitting the bill. Or just use request and type the amount out