Feature: block sender

(davidjpnorman) #1

Hi. I suspect that the ‘send money’ option should have a ‘block sender’ feature to prevent misuse by disgruntled ex-partners (or anyone else who is trying to intimatate or annoy a person).

There have been cases of this sort of thing in the USA and I think they are bad publicity for the services involved.

I think that the rule should be “don’t create an instant messenger service where the receiver cannot create a blacklist”


any disgruntled ex-partner of mine is welcome to send me money. I can ignore any comment (usually in block caps if they in a mood) and pocket the cash

(Thomas Horne) #3

At a minimum of a pound per message for non-Monzo users, the ex can waste her money trying to bother me all she likes. :wink:

Seriously though; a block sender idea may well be a good idea for the rare occasion someone may be being harassed or even possibly stalked?