Favourite Chrome Extensions?

What are some of your favourite Chrome extensions? I’ve been rocking with pretty much the same set of stuff for a few years now - and I’m worried I might be missing out on some cool things.

I have some pretty obvious ones like 1Password extension, Hangouts notifier, Adblock Plus… But i’m sure i must be missing out on something.

Anyone using anything cool?


Grammarly since I have to use it with law course.
Ad block and that’s about it.
:thinking: Is there anything worth getting extra?


Four useful, and well implemented, if not particularly exciting extensions I have found over the years:

An extension for reading aloud that actually works:

An extension for sorting bookmarks and folders

An extension for refreshing tabs at chosen periods

An extension for moving between my far too many open tabs

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Just Grammerly for me :slight_smile:

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Screen capture extension that you can then annotate, has over 2 million downloads.

Even does video now!


I find Video Speed Controller really useful. It lets you speed up or slow down any video you view online.

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If you happen to like dark mode, then dark reader is a great extension


Postman and Postman Interceptor. Great for when you’re working with API calls on a webpage, runs from your already logged in context. But tbf I really like the Firefox as well, the new version is really fast - doesn’t feel as bloated as it did.

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Does anyone pay the fee for Grammerly? I have often wondered what was so “critical” about my writing style :slight_smile:

Ublock origin and ublock origin extra are my favourite. Amazing extensions for ad blocking.

Edit; Also 1Password, great password manager.


No I have never paid for it

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Nope but can report back in 3 days after I pay for my first month paid.
I’m just giving it a go and see how it is tbqh.

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That works really well. Thanks for the share

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These are probably my most useful -

New Tab Redirect
Topcashback notifier

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Bored of the B word.



It automatically applies discount codes upon checkout when you shop online - it’s saved me loads!


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I use a few interesting ones that haven’t been mentioned yet:

  • Ghostery / Privacy Badger - ad blockers with a focus on privacy and blocking trackers
  • HTTPS Everywhere - force supported websites to use HTTPS rather than HTTP
  • OneTab / Tabs Outliner - make it easier to deal with far too many open tabs

Don’t most well made sites force HTTPS via .htaccess anyway?

Seems odd to me that this is still a thing :grinning:

Most sites do use and enforce HTTPS, yes. But as long as there are still some left that don’t I’d rather use the extension than not.

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