What browser do you use and why?

(Wasim Chowdhury) #1

I’ve personally tried to switch over to Safari numerous times for features such as picture-in-picture and apple’s keychain password manager, however, I always find myself going back to chrome for it’s wider range of extensions. What do you guys use and why?

(Leon) #2

Google Chrome because it’s the default browser on Android. I was also using Google Chrome from when it was first released by Google. Weirdly enough I don’t sync my browsing history from my mobile to my PC browser and vice versa. I prefer to keep them both separate.


Chrome, because it is (was???) the fastest whenever I went through trying browsers

Now I like the profile and extensions and whatnot.

(Simon B) #4

Chrome! I’m 100% in the Google ecosystem so there’s no reason why I’d use anything else. It’s fast, secure, and has a ton of useful extensions :grinning:

(keithy) #5

Opera 12 , pre webkit/blink was undoubtedly the best browser ever made (IMHO)

sadly the presto rendering engine didn’t stand the test af time and opera went downhill.

For anyone who likes Chrome, try Vivaldi browser - based on chrome and developed by the same people who built the original Opera

(Mega Charizard) #6

I now spend 99% of screen time on my Samsung mobile and have found myself using Samsung Internet. The rare time I use a laptop I use Microsoft Edge as it’s what’s installed.

However if I were to use device browsers longer I’d opt for Google Chrome.

(Valeri) #7

Safari - simply the fastest, cleanest on macOS.

Particularly like how it is not hogging memory and/or battery.

I also prefer Chrome on Windows (for work) and do find it amazing (particularly for dev-ing), but on mac for me is a bit cringey(how many years took them to do a x64bit version, wtf?). I guess extension hoarders might prefer that but I’m happy with the small, limited extensions available on Safari most of the time. The plugins I use are AdBlock (for some sites that abuse the limits of what I can put with in terms of advertisements) and AutoRefresh(big help for purchasing tickets or keeping a session in place) :slight_smile: On Chrome I mostly use ReactJs & Redux debugging tools :smile:

And personal worst is Internet Explorer from 6 to 9. Worst to provide support for. IE10 was a slight improvement. IE11 is kind of decent. Haven’t played with Edge much but hopefully keeps the general trend of improvement and not implementing standards ‘slightly differently for shits and giggles’.

(Peter Roberts) #8

Firefox right now. Since the quantum improvements it’s been as good as chrome in speed and UX, maybe a little better!

I like the idea of using something less mainstream to support it :yum:

(Jolin) #9

Safari on both Mac and iOS. It’s the best integrated, fast and efficient. Like @valbg says, I find Chrome awkward and second-rate on the Mac so don’t use it, though I occasionally give it a spin. I’m also not sure I trust Google to not be collecting shed-loads of my browsing data if I were to use Chrome, but have never been tempted so not looked into it (i.e. this could be a totally unfair concern).

(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #10

Chrome all the way :slight_smile:

Rocking Canary and Stable on every device I own :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: love to live life on the edge… I mean on the chrome :thinking: the edge of Chrome :joy: #badbrowserjokes

Love every feature of Chrome and it ties perfectly into the rest of Google’s ecosystem :slight_smile:

(Geoff Pascoe) #11

Firefox on Android, OS X and Linux, Edge on Windows. I think the dominance that Google is building over the web is dangerous, so I try to avoid their products a much as possible, hence I don’t use Chrome.

I like the ideas behind Brave, and I use it occasionally, but in the end it’s still Chromium and still gives Google effective control over web standards.

Firefox has made incredible advances in the past year, and even disregarding web politics I truly believe that it’s superior to Chrome, since at least Firefox 57


Safari on macOS and iOS. It’s reasonably fast, integrates perfectly with iCloud and Handoff, doesn’t melt my battery and doesn’t spy on my like Google would like to do.

On Windows and Linux I use Firefox, though I feel they’ve gone a bit downhill the past few years with the new “australis” UI, the Pocket add-on preinstalled and more recently the Mr Robot-style add-on being silently installed on the beta channel.

(Dan) #13

I too use Safari on macOS and iOS… it’s perfectly optimized for the OS. Chrome has so many processes my battery cant cope :rofl:

(Jack) #14

Generally safari as I’m all Apple at home. I then fall back onto chrome in work. Although currently trying Firefox for a change. Seems a bit buggy for me though. I liked the design of edge but it’s too far behind the others in terms of support and features.

(Brian Hunter) #15

I’m all up in Google services, so Chrome.

(Dan) #16

Safari here too, it’s integrated really well into the Apple ecosystem with Apple Pay, Handoff, iCloud Tabs/bookmarks, reading list etc. + I don’t have much use for extensions other than Ad blocking.

I only pull out Chrome or Firefox to test dev work in other browsers. Chrome tries to consume all the RAM it has available to it though which is frustrating. If theres 8GB free RAM, it might take between 4-5GB to have 4-5 low cost tabs open which is insane. That’s the case on my Windows VM’s too.


Atlas - good ad blocker


If i don’t want to be tracked everywhere I use firefox with the containers extension. If i’m doing stuff that I’m likely to want to log in on my phone, tablet etc then safari with the wipr extension.

(Eve) #19

I use Safari and occasionally use Firefox for pages that need flash. Chrome drained my MacBook battery too quick and takes up too much RAM.


Safari on all my devices (MacBook, iPhone, iPad). I find Safari works much better than Chrome on my Mac, and only use Chrome when forced to do so by YouTube TV.

I also prefer the slimmed down UI of Safari over Chrome.