Fantastic FinTech Customer Support

I’m going through the process of transferring my data from an iPhone X to a new iPhone 12 Pro Max. Whilst iCloud makes the process largely pain-free, there is still the necessary security around financial / banking apps. And rightly so.

For some reason, I hadn’t recorded a recovery code for my Mettle business current account. From the app, it directly me to a telephone number which I called. After a short message, this gave me the option to speak with a customer service adviser who answered almost immediately.

He was helpful and sorted the problem straight away and now I’m up and running with the Mettle account on the new phone.

Just what you need when having a slightly stressful time. The ability to speak with someone who is able to resolve the issue straight away. Excellent service, it’s what I expect from my bank …be they legacy or FinTech.

Customer Service is so important and that sometimes seems to be forgotten.


Good service but to be expected with so few customers.

It’s sad these days that it’s a surprise when you get to talk to someone easily.

NatWest has more than 7.5 million personal customers and 850,000 small business accounts.


Completely separate aren’t they?

Mettle Ventures Limited is a subsidiary of the National Westminster Bank Plc. May be run separately, I don’t know the ins and outs. Fact remains, it’s good customer service.

Your comment to be expected with so few customers seems to be a concession that Monzo customer service has not scaled well?


Oooh there it is. The Monzo criticism. Yaaaawn.


You might even say it was FinTastic