Family accounts / Accounts for children / under-16s

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Bumping this up - any thoughts or insight on under 16 accounts?!

They’re coming. Just ask Uncle David. Two posts up.


Well that was just from an app teardown. No actual confirmation anywhere of implementation or timeline?

No indication of timeline, Monzo will announce it when they announce it. Marketing assets and feature flags existing in the current build of the app is the closest to confirmation we’re ever going to get prior to an announcement/launch.

No official confirmation of anything. Nope.

I am aware this may have been discussed in the past, however I cannot understand why Monzo doesn’t offer a childrens account linked to a pot. I have opened a Hyperjar account in order to allow my children a card and app to learn the fundamentals of money. I am a big Monzo fan and want to stick with and encourage my children to bank with them when older. But I am considering closing my Monzo and moving to Starling for their “kite” account.

Does anyone know if a childs account is even in the pipeline?

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It’s been discussed before. Best thing to do is add your vote here:


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Code and assets in the :monzo: app referring to ‘Young Accounts’ appeared back in November 2023 and since then there have been several changes to the code - probably during in-house testing.

The feature has not yet been released though - and there’s no known release date (or any confirmation it’ll be released at all!)

My 2 kiddos grew up with various solutions including Hyperjar, GoHenry, Revolut Junior and eventually Monzo Virtual Cards linked to my Monzo Premium account - set-up so they could use their phones to pay using a virtual card. But since then, 1 kiddo got a Monzo 16-17 account, leaving the younger one on the VC solution.


Thank you for the reply. I will stick with hyperjar for now and hope that Monzo release something soon. Monzo has helped me budget and save and hope to allow the children to also benefit from it as they learn about money etc.

This post seems to have the most votes however linking all the others - I don’t know if someone can merge / close the others?

Would very much love for Monzo to introduce a children’s account!

The good news is that the Android app teardowns show us it’s on its way. They’ve not officially announced it yet though so no timescale

That’s promising at least! Timelines with Monzo have never existed so not hopeful it’s anytime soon. The security features that where announced will take priority from a making sure as it scales its working properly.

I’m trying to decide between Monzo Max vs NatWest Premier Rewards of which NatWest has child accounts so give’s me a single app!

Officially ‘coming this year’.

Edit: it’s in here somewhere.


Page 15: “We want to make managing money as a family even easier, and to help kids learn valuable life lessons about money. So, this year we’re launching an account for kids.”

The last change in the app was in May, so I’d stab at the feature being in the dogfood mode at this point.


Some great news there - ive really not enjoyed having to have kids account and joint account seperate. Hoping to get it all on the platform this year