Fake Savings Challenge ideas 💡

Hey everyone :bulb:

Time to get your thinking caps on… :mortar_board:

You’ve probably heard of the 1p Savings Challenge:

And maybe you’ve heard of the reverse 1p Savings Challenge:

There’s even now the Save The Date challenge (where 12th June -> 12+6+19 = 37p saved!)

But what’s next? We’d love to hear your wild and wacky ideas for future savings challenges! Think big :boom:


I’ll go first: the Donald Trump Twitter challenge!

You save £1 each time Trump tweets. Gets more expensive around mid-terms.


Not sure if it would be possible (but would be great when I am revising)

The Pay To Check Your Phone Challenge

Drop 50p into a pot (locked until after exams are over) every time you open your phone when you should be revising!


automagically sweep your left over balance into a savings pot at the end of the month using an IFTTT trigger :slight_smile:



I’ve got a few triggers using IFTTT:

£1 into savings a day - every day at 9am
£1 into savings whenever I get a new follower on Twitter, helps me grow my following and my savings
£1 into savings whenever it rains at my home address
£2 whenever my location is at the Dartford Crossing - (my car is on my dad’s billing account), so I’m putting into savings the charge as I don’t pay it
I have a few for bad habits;
£3 when I buy from either KFC or McDonalds
£5 whenever I deposit money into SkyBet

I’m always open to having more, so any interesting ones in this thread I will surely implement.

The Stop Playing Your Playstation and Go Outside Challenge

Whenever it is more than 12 degrees and sunny outside - if I am logged into my Playstation, charge me 10p a minute to play :rofl:


The ‘How many times is Brexit mentioned in the MSM per day’ Save 1p per time Google picks up the word


I don’t think I have that much in my account… :scream:





Looks like it would either:

  1. Work and I’d get a 99 on my exams; or
  2. I’d be bankrupt by day 2 of revision!

Save £5 every time you make a comment on the Monzo forums, but for every like you get the amount is reduced by £1. If your comments average 5 likes, you spend nothing to post. Forces you to post meaningful contributions.

(Although I don’t have a financial penalty associated with missing it, when I use forums I always ensure my number of likes is > my number of posts because that reassures me I’m providing value with my time)


Everytime I have this thought cycle I’d like to be fined:

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takes furious notes


10p in a pot based on each mile driven… donate it to a charity at the end of the month doing environmental things.

It’d make my commute £4/day :sob:

Would be cool if you could connect with Spotify, and, say, each time you listen to your favourite artist you out £x into a pot for concert tickets


It’d make my drive to/from work £12.50 each way :sob:

I do this manually every month so it would be great if IFTTT could take care of it for me!

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I have a widget from IFTTT where if I don’t take the temptation to buy a bottle of coke or a muffin from the cafe (my two bad habit impulse buys) at my uni, it transfers that money instead to my savings. I see it as I would have spent the money anyway so do I spend it on a 3 minute indulgence or put it into an emergency fund :thinking:

I deduce that either you are eating muffins washed down with coke all day, or you are as rich as Croesus. :joy: