Save £150.55 a year with the Save the Date Challenge

Last week we created a 1p Savings Challenge group on Facebook because of how popular it was becoming. But we noticed that a few people were posting in the group saying that they had forgotten what they should be saving each day because it was difficult to remember the exact number.
@petemonzo came up with the idea of a ‘Save the Date’ Challenge, where all you had to do was add the day, month and year together and set aside the total amount in pennies.

Here’s how it works!

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What a mess that will make of your transaction feed.

Article shows June’s monthly total as £12.15, so I would rather put aside that sum on pay day.

Just a thought


I couldnt see anywhere in the article where you linked to the applet either. So here it is:

Happy to see this applet has been reinstated too :wink:

Love this idea because it doesn’t gradually increase to an amount that will be difficult to find over the year. But it would leave my balance unrounded which would irritate me too much :see_no_evil:

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We need something that runs at 9am, which rounds off the balance, putting the odd change into a pot. Then we can do this, but also have nice OCD friendly balances :slight_smile:

This would be a great help to have a feature to automatically round off my balance at start of the day. Mega pet hate seeing unrounded balance in my account #OCD

The same question got asked in another topic. Here is my answer :slight_smile: