Failed online transactions

I’ve had a couple of failed online transactions with Monzo, today’s was a deposit into my ISA which failed and I had to retry it. This means I’ve got to wait 8 days (?) to get my £500 back!
Anyone else have problems with failed transactions with Monzo? I never had this issue with Santander.

Me. Had a few

No. Never.

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If only the latter failed, query the former in app and they should be able to reverse it immediately (subject to some questions I imagine given the amount at play), though with the warning that the ISA company may try to take it again later

Did you take any screenshots?

According to that I might have to wait 30 days!

Probably wont be that long but start a chat to ask for it to be released now

I asked but they can’t as I haven’t got proof of the failed transaction so I’m £500 short until the first week of December! Not impressed :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Did you do it again and it worked?


What did monzo say?

As I haven’t got proof I’ve got to wait till the 13th December, if this happens again I’ll be off.

Isn’t screen shots showing 2 transactions from your monzo account and a screenshot of your ISA with 1 transaction being received enough?

Now when I click on ‘Question this payment’ it says ‘Settled’ and ‘The merchant has already collected this money’. To challenge it I have to contact the merchant which I have done. As it stands now my £500 really has gone missing!

Why did you think that transaction had failed? Did you get a message?

Yes, never thought much about it at the time but should have taken a screenshot.

What are Vanguard saying about it?

I’m waiting for them to get back to me.

Hopefully sorted, Vanguard have received both payments, one was delayed and had to be applied manually so it doesn’t show in my account yet.
These automated systems aren’t quite there yet!