Facebook Messenger gets P2P payments in the UK



It sounded quite nice until this:

“The money is then transferred to a friend in one to three business days. If the friend hasn’t set the system up, they’ll be prompted to enter the card details to get the payment.”

(Herp Derp) #2

It sounded quite nice until this:


(Tony Hoyle) #3

3 days? Why would anyone use it?

(Frank) #4

I agree. Facebook - the bastions of data privacy! :roll_eyes:

(Hugh) #5

it’s worse than BACS! At least with BACS your data isn’t being shared with a huge US corporation… :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, on another note. The Messenger app has become more and more bloated, with Snapchat style features and special bot channels etc. etc. I only use as a communication tool and so do most of its users I guess. i now use the Lite version as it gets rid of all the crap and turns it back into just a messaging app. Yes the experience isn’t that great and I don’t get “secret” conversations (but I would use Signal for anything vaguely important anyway) but it doesn’t use as much battery and you don’t get a load of extra stuff slowing everything down.


I tried to switch to the lite version but it seemed to require a full Facebook account and I only have a messenger account.

(Simon Porter) #7

3 days :rofl:

Even paypal is pretty instant now. DOA.