Face recognition


I’ve just upgraded my phone which has face recognition but can’t find an option in the Monzo app that allows this.

I thought this was an option or had it been withdrawn?

Settings > privacy

Nothing there about face recognition just about biometrics. When I then go to the app I’m only presented with the fingerprint option. And yes I have set up have recognition on the phone.

If you have an iPhone it should work. If it’s Android then I don’t think face recognition is supported as typically the Android implementations can be more easily faked than the Apple ones (which is why fingerprint is the only biometric that you can you for Google Pay, for example).

It most certainly is.

Head to Settings then find Monzo, and make sure Face ID is on.

Nothing there.


That’s Android isn’t it?

In which case @Peter_G had the answer I believe.


It certainly seems to be the case.

Ah I thought iPhone when you said Face ID. As noted above, it’s not supported for apps as it’s not as secure with android as it is iphone. Totally different tech behind it.