Apple's Face ID

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Will Monzo be adopting the new Face ID feature to unlock the app?

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If Touch ID is already supported, Apple does not require developers to change anything to support Face ID:

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Thanks Philip, this is just what I was hoping to hear

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I was under the impression that apps are required to provide a description to say why they want to use Face ID so that the user can accept or decline. Twins, for example may prefer not to use it.

(Mark Edmonds) #5

This comes up if hasn’t been set up for FaceID

Seems that devs will still need to update apps.

(Leonard) #6

I wonder if it’ll still work if they haven’t updated their apps

(Mark Edmonds) #7

I think it will still allow if you allow it, guessing because its a different form of permission, you would have to grant it to use it.
iOS is pretty tight on user permissions, so it would make sense that it would have to be updated in the app to use the correct permission.

(Phil) #8

From what I’ve heard on various podcasts where people already have the phone, apps do need a minor update but if they have not had one, you can still use Face ID when it’s asking for Touch ID authentication.

The underlying API is for biometric authentication (via any means), not only fingerprint authentication.

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