Face ID turns off after reboot iOS

Face ID and other security features turn off after the phone turns off.

100% of the time when restarting my iPhone 12 Pro Max (also 11 Pro Max previously) Face ID for log in and authentication as well as location security alerts are all set to off and must be manually turned back on.
Current iOS is 14.2.1 but has been happening since iOS 13
iPhone 12 pro max and 11 pro max
App Version 3.60.0

Hey @Mackie480,

Have you tried deleting and reinstalling the Monzo app? I’d assume you used an iCloud backup between phones, so best bet would be to manually delete the app, reinstall it and set it up as fresh rather than restoring through iCloud.

Tried reinstalling the app and I set each of my phones up from new, so the app is manually downloaded. Still happens.