Face ID Authentication Behaviour


Hey everyone!

Can other Monzo users check whether the Monzo app on an iPhone X (or I suppose an iPhone using Touch ID) locks the app when you close it and asks you to re-authenticate each time you reopen the app?

At the moment, with all authentication modes on, my app at no point locks itself and even shows the last screen used in multitasking.

Thanks for the help!


Face ID every time for me!

(Jai Sullivan) #3

Face ID every time I leave the app, although Monzo is fully visible in the multitasking view at all times.

(If there's the wrong end of a stick, you'll find me holding it.) #4

Works every time with Touch ID for me.

I’ve seen other posts here in the past saying that it doesn’t work, so it’s presumably a bug they are aware of.


Thanks for the replies everyone!

I thought it was the case that it locked! Before the latest app update the app would always ask for Face ID - since the update it doesn’t.

On the in—app chat I’m being told by Monzo it’s never asked for authentication each time you open the app… and that’s after asking someone more technical… something is definitely fishy with my app!