Face coverings in shops 24/7/20

I’ve bought a few and Adidas seem to fit the best, and a decent price for a 3 pack of washable face coverings.

I think you’re missing the point… its pretty obvious eating would be difficult. What im saying is that all the guidance is open to interpretation depending on the situation.

Going into a cafe or coffee shop for a takeaway should be treat with the exact same guidance as going into a supermarket… but its not… so if im only going to Greggs I dont need a mask…but if im going in the newsagents next door, I do… whats the difference?

All laws are blunt instruments, to be fair. Speeding can be safe, but adhering to a speed limit can be dangerous.

It’s the same with face coverings. Walking into a large empty supermarket without a face covering is perfectly safe, standing at a busy outdoor bus stop without a face covering could endanger others.

Cafes will be exempt because of eating, and banks for security, maybe.


Requiring masks 4 months into the pandemic is like taking condoms to the baby shower

Not my joke but just saw it and thought it was quite apt


Pretty good way to stop more babies being born though…


Depends. If you’re trying to impregnate the same person, you condom isn’t needed. Which I think is the point, its too late.

I don’t really understand the ‘too late now’ argument. Has everyone now got it and they’re either dead or immune and so thats it all sorted and over with?


Yeah, it doesn’t make any sense.

It’s not too late. Arguably, it’s good to educate people now on how to properly use face masks before any potential resurgence.

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No it’s not too late to prevent a further spread, but tell that to 40,000+ that have already died and their families

The communications and messaging from our government have been nothing short of a mess, and this is just the lates U-turn in a line of many


I find it unlikely that wearing a mask would be big enough of a problem to dissuade people from going out at all. There might be crazies in a certain country that made a political issue out of masks but surely most people are sane and won’t start stirring shit over a simple mask?


I did actually have a look at those last night, and it was the delivery fee that put me off.

If you buy the unbranded masks straight from U-Mask, they’re barely any cheaper though, at 39 Euros + 2.50 shipping.

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If your robbing a bank your probably not worrying too much about rules about wearing masks.

But I get what you mean, maybe a setup where when you walk in theres a cctv camera with a monitor attached (like in a lot of shops) and you briefly take off the mask and make eye contact with the camera.

Maybe this is the moment for big shops to give away face coverings branded with their logos etc?!

How about a Monzo face covering?

Opportunity to do some free advertising/marketing…

I was there about 3 weeks ago. I was wearing a mask, but agreed, most people weren’t.

45 minute queue as well.

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I don’t need tea lights that badly. :rofl:


They were on offer everywhere!!!

I resisted the urge this time as still have a cupboard full from my last visit in 2018 :rofl:

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If you don’t buy at least a bag of 50 tea lights, have you even been to IKEA, though?


I’m out of meatballs :sob: