Extract bank transfer details from a screenshot

I think it’d be great if, when adding a new payee, you could upload a screenshot, and the app would extract the payment details from the image.

Example use case:

You get a WhatsApp message from a friend…

hey mate, great to see you last night, dinner came to £45, please could you transfer your half, my sort code is XX-XX-XX, account number: XXXXXXX

Right now, you’d need to constantly swipe between WhatsApp and Monzo to put the details in. But instead, you take a screenshot, go to add a payee, and Monzo could use OCR to extract the bank details from the message, and enter them in automatically.

Nice idea!

Workaround - Get them to join Monzo and send you a link to pay :smiley:

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Even better. Send them a link by text to collect the money straight from your account, and Monzo stores their bank details for you to use next time.

This is already a thing, by the way.