Identify payment details from screenshot

It’s really frustrating when you need to transfer someone money and they send you their payment details via some messaging app. You then have to open Monzo (this is the same for every mobile payment bank transfer) set up a Bank Transfer recipient and to type in the payment details multi-task backwards and forwards between Monzo and the messaging app within which you were sent the details.

It would be amazing if you could just screenshot the chat window in which the payment details were sent and then there be an option on the Monzo Bank Tranfer page to “Scan Photo” where Monzo scans the screenshot, identifies the appropriate details and automatically inserts them. You can then confirm the details are correct and away you go. Quick, efficient, and probably removing room for error in mistyping someone’s payment details.


That sounds like a neat feature!

Kinda wish Google and Apple would autodetect sort code and account numbers like they do telephone numbers, addresses and email addresses with a clickable link. Tap to pay, opens in default banking app prefilled.