Autofill account number and sort code from clipboard

Couldn’t find this but seems to be a blindingly obvious feature request.

Parse the clipboard to automatically input payee details. So when someone texts you their account number and sort code you just copy the message then have an option to paste from clipboard on the new payee screen.

Regex parsing will be incredibly simple as all UK accounts are the same length and sort codes only ever have spaces or dashes to regex out and are also always six digits.

Thinking about it, just throw an ocr library in there and you could parse screenshots and photos too.

Such a pain in the arse having to transcribe onto a piece of paper then back into your phone just to add someone’s details.

Sounds similar to this feature suggestion:

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Yeah I noticed just a bit too late.

In light of that I’d change it to include OCRing screenshots and photos as well as basic regex of plain text.