Extra physical card with configurable limit

I have to use a physical card for paying for fuel (pay at the pump). However, I never carry a physical card with me, I use Google Pay for all my transactions. I could leave my physical card (or my Flex card) in my car, but I don’t think that’s safe (I assume I’d be liable for any fraudulent transactions on it if it were lost in this situation). I’d love to have a second physical card (debit or Flex) with a configurable limit. Then I can set it to, say, £100 a day, and use it for fuel. And in the unlikely event of it being stolen, £100 won’t kill me.


Do you though? Or is it more convenient to use pay at pump?

How do you pay for fuel now?

Open an account with another bank and just add your fuel money to that account?

Less than zero chance of this happening with Monzo.

No, of course I don’t :grin: But it is way more convenient. I only have to if I need to fill up late at night, which is rare.

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Yeah, I just have a separate credit card. But it would be way more convenient with Monzo. I agree there’s not much chance, but if I don’t suggest it there’s no chance.

For the theft element of leaving the card in the car, the onus is on the bank to prove you were negligent.

If someone were to break in to your car, find your card (you could turn contactless off), then it would be on Monzo to prove that you did that regularly, rather than “Ooops, left my card in the car” type scenario.

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Even if you did it regularly, I don’t think it’s any more risky (it could even be less risky as long as it is out of sight) than leaving it in you pocket.


If you’re a Plus subscriber you could get curve free, add the virtual card to it and then you’ve your balance in a Pot, connected to curve, and if curve is stolen, they are limited to what’s in your Pot only.

There is also the, almost too sensible, idea of having a small card wallet you take with you? Or paying in person? Never had an issue using Apple Pay at the desk.

Thanks for the suggestion. Yeah, I’m not saying this is the biggest problem anyone ever had, there are obviously many other options, such as what you suggest. But this would be nice.

Interesting. Yes, I agree it would be less risky, and I have a spot I can keep it in that is far from obvious.

Ah, I’d never heard of Curve. Yes, I am a Plus subscriber, I’ll probably try this. Thanks!

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I just used to keep money taped inside car for those rare occasions

in my area most have been upgrading recently to now being able to pay at pump via contactless/Apple Pay. I have one credit card I use only for fuel, which is connected to a Monzo Pot via direct debit. I then use this card for all fuel payments. Plus it means they don’t take the £100 from my balance for 7 days or so which is annoying on those pay at pump things. Revolut have the ability to order multiple physical cards each of the cards you can set the various monthly transaction limits, turn off magstripe, turn off contactless etc as you please.


Interesting, didn’t realise contactless pay at pump was even a thing, haven’t seen it around here. Hopefully Asda soon change that. Revolut’s approach is exactly what I want, pity Monzo doesn’t do that. If you use Revolut, what is your opinion on Revolut vs Monzo? This isn’t enough to make me switch on it’s own, but other things might.

Revolut is close. So is Starling. Revolut and Starling do some things better than Monzo, eg Starling does cash deposits at the post office and don’t charge you £1 if you do more than one deposit per month, plus Post Office is preferable than going to a shop to deposit money in. Revolut allow more virtual cards (up to 20) and unlimited vaults/pockets (Monzo equivalent of Pots and Savings Pots). Revolut give a lot more control of the physical cards and also on virtual cards you can freeze them you have disposable one time use virtual cards, you can set maximum monthly limits on virtual cards too.

My reason for choosing Monzo is because they do everything where as Starling and Monzo don’t do everything, eg Revolut can do zero with cheques or cash deposits, at least with Monzo you can post one to them and put money in, at a shop. Starling you can not have virtual cards linked to a Space (like a Pot), but on Starling you cannot add all your other bank accounts and view everything in one place.

So Monzo still wins for me.

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That’s great, thanks for all the detail!

You mean can?

Virtual cards to Spaces are free.

It’s £5pm with monzo.

Good idea.

Just wondering, how does Curve shows transactions in Monzo? Is it different from how Monzo would show them? Will I be able to tell from my bank statement that I used the Curve card for a particular purchase?

It generally shows the correct merchant data in the app, and statements as well as the bottom of the transaction page shows CRV* before each transaction.

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