Extra category in the spending section: "abroad"

Hello! It would be nice to have an extra section showing how much money we spent abroad in that particular month (maybe showing how much we spent exactly in a particular country!)


Yes. Revolut’s ‘analytics’ screen is helpful in that respect. Simple but effective.

I would also like this addition, the last holiday we had, we were using Monzo and it worked A++++ but we were not sure what was spent in Turkey as it was used at the airport, and of course in the run up to the holiday.

For me, the Holiday category + search (for a country) covers this need. But am I overlooking a gap, in terms of your use case?

I normally don’t categorise the expenses abroad as holiday but just normally with their own categories but I understand that in that way the problem could be solved. I think it would be nicer though to have a section by itself showing the money spent abroad and then the money spend in each country with a little flag showing the country too.

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