Exports - include top up data

Hi, I would like to start using the “export data” feature of my iPhone app to export data into Xero (the online accounting software that I use); however, the QIF and CSV exports only contain spending data, they do not contain any information about my top-ups. This makes it impossible to fully reconcile the account because the balances don’t match up. It’s impractical, slow and error-prone to enter the top up data manually; do you think you could please start including the top-up data in the data export? It seems somewhat bizarre to only have half my data in my data export, I’m sure this feature would be useful to anyone exporting their data. If you don’t want to surprise people with it, perhaps the new feature could be enabled by the user via a checkbox on the export page or something?

Thank you in advance from an otherwise very happy Monzo user!


very odd only having half your account. surely you need to know what is paid in as well as spent…particularly when a running balance is missing from the app

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Tell me about it! :astonished:

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Been in touch with support about this. They are aware and a fix is coming.


Maybe they could fix the error of ommission of a running balance in the app too :joy:

@tomsr - when I spoke to support about this problem, they didn’t seem to know anything about it, so they suggested I raise this feature request. YMMV when speaking to support, I guess. Do you know if there is a reference number for this fix? I would definitely regard it as a bug rather than a limitation (half a dataset is about as much use as no dataset at all).