Export transactions to SAP

I travel for business quite a bit, would be great (like you can do with Uber business) to link your account to a business expense account, and then any transaction you do whilst in this mode pushes through to SAP (we use concur). With the ability to add receipts to help with expense reporting at the end of a trip.

Not sure if it would work, but would be extremely helpful. A simple swipe left for personal account, swipe right to enter expense mode / business expense account, or even just go on a transaction and set to “business expense” and store in a tab until you get home


You can mark transactions as “expenses” which will change the category of it and then you can use IFTTT to automatically update a Google sheet with all monzo transactions and then you can use a formula or just filter view to only see expenses?

You could then just copy and paste the data into SAP? Or use the spreadsheet as it will be a live view.

I mean yeah I mark them as expense as it is, but just to automate it and pull through to my expense system with the receipts attached would save me so much time! :blush: We can only dream right? Haha

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You can use IFTTT to auto upload pictures of receipts to Google Drive. I feel SAP is too business-y and specific for now. Might come when they introduce business accounts but for now it’s definitely not widely requested or needed :confused: