Expenses/ Work trips

A feature that I would find really useful as might many others would be if you could, just like pots, add a work trip to your card. Then when you use the card, you could tag it to the said Work trip. For example. Last week I had three days on the road away for customer liaison meetings. The theory would be that before I set off, I create a trip. Say I call it ‘customer liaison Dec18’. Then when I go away on the Work trip, I can use the card and anything that I pay for that is expenses, I can tag that transaction to that particular trip, taking a photo of the receipt etc. This means that when I come to putting my expenses claim in with Work, I can just open that trip in the app and everything is neatly in the one place, making my claim simple to make. You could then have the facility to print the trip as a statement with the photos added in for audit purposes.
I would use this facility every time I was away with work, especially abroad. I know that some people have company credit cards but for those that don’t, it would be very useful indeed.
I am aware that I can tag any transaction as expenses but this facility would enable to different transactions to Remain as food, hotel etc and also make each Work trip easily searchable and referable. I would also know how much I had spent and can see easily if I was within company spending limits
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A simple custom tagging system is one of the few things on my must have list

Dutch bank bunq have a cool system. You can create an aditional account in their app just like a pot and you can assign a separate PIN to it! so when you use your main PIN money comes from your personal pot and when you use the second PIN it comes from the second pot and use that for your business expenses. The pots each come with an IBAN so your employers can pay off your expenses without you having to muddle up that money with your personal pot (cards are limited to 2 PINs so any third or fourth pot can not be directly accessed from your card and would need to be accessed thru the app by transfer between pots)


@anon44204028 Now… that’s pretty cool.

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