Feature Request: Ability to add an expense/spending breakdown to a pot

So I’m creating a pot for my Barcelona Holiday, and I set the target I want to raise for that. But I was thinking, it would be really cool if there’s was a way I could attach a list of expenses, or just out right add them as a list in the pot, because this pot is actually in a joint account, and it would help myself & partner remember why we set this target we need to raise and the breakdown of the spending to expect…

Another use case for this, is for example if a couple are saving money to move to a new apartment, you would need to save for the deposit, the actual expenses of moving, hiring a van, agent fees, furniture etc… so here a breakdown of such expenses added to the pot would be a huge help for both people to remember how much to save and why they need to save that much.

Anyone else out there could use this feature?


I’d definitely use the ability to add notes to pots, which sounds like it could solve the issue you’re having.


Or maybe just talk to your partner?? Am I missing something here?


Adding notes to pots would be cool. I have one “Car” pot that I pay into for maintenance, MOT, insurance etc. Being able to add a note in with rough estimate for each car-related item would be handy and keep everything in one place.


I’d really like to do the same thing for a holiday pot. Write notes on how much I expect flights, transfers, accommodation etc… will be.

Also, if I’m handling the money for a group holiday, I can keep a record of what everyone has paid me etc…



The way you describe yourself is a vivid explanation of your comment here :smiley:

The idea is to have a note/breakdown of expenses as more of a reminder to self rather than just the partner of what expenses are involved and why the goal has been set to that specific figure.

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OK. Notes to remind yourself then. Which isn’t exactly how you described your problem.

So please delete the personal dig.

Notes would be great, me and my partner both on personal and joint account have pots for events. We set budgets together but be great to have notes so that we could put how much we set for each event in the same pot.

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You can vote for the ability to add notes to pots here:

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