An extra card for expenses that pays out of a set pot

Having recently started a job with the need for quite a lot of spending to be claimed back, I’ve found that this has RUINED my ability to see how my spending is going in a given month…

My approach to budgeting is to set aside money for essential stuff and savings, then leave the rest to spend over the month. Thus, that total being affected by expenses is hugely annoying. My current bodge is to transfer amounts out of an expenses pot every time I spend for expenses…

So a monzo plus feature I would LOVE to see is the ability to have a second card for expenses, or indeed other stuff, that pays directly out of a pot - this would make my life so much easier and feel like a true plus feature!

It’s maybe not a “monzo-y” solution, but what I’ve always done for expenses is get myself a separate credit card that I use just for work expenses.

Depends of course what your claiming back situation is, but hopefully it’s reasonable enough that the cash is in your account before the credit card payment is taken.

(And you can set that payment to go from a Bill Pot, which you’d move the money to when it’s paid to you).


I have to second the “get an alternative card” suggestion.

Not least because it makes it so much easier to submit expense claims when you can hand a statement over as-is without having to alter or redact it to just show the items you’re claiming for and hide the personal spending you don’t want the company seeing.

If you get a credit card then you could use open banking to link it to your Monzo account (make sure you use a supported provider!) and you can see the balance on the card in the Monzo app, albeit it won’t be real-time.


Absolutely agree with the above. Never use your own money for work expenses, your just subsidising them with your own money and keeping yourself out of pocket.

Work expenses go on a credit card and then claimed back at no loss to yourself. (Plus you can rack up those points)

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The idea is great, I just think there’s a better implementation. I use Curve as well at the moment. In their interface you select which card you want any transactions to come off and if you get it wrong you have 14 days to change it and they swap everything around. This works as a re-charging type service rather than an account.

So why doesn’t monzo do this. Any transactions such as direct-debits/savings/IFTTT/salary/bill spends carry on as they currently do - but you select in your app which pot your PHYSICAL card transactions will come out of. That way you still only carry one card but you can select in the app at any point which pot you are spending from. This makes it more like curve in functionality but instead of different cards and accounts you’re using different pots. Should be relatively easy to implement compared to most as well.

100% same issue, infact thats why a got a Monzo account in the first place however due to the good experiance and “Pots” this is becoming my main account, on this I used to do was to have another credit card for this but its another thing to think about.

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