Expenses / Book Keeping in Android App

Hi. I’m self employed & booking keeping is a thorn in my side, so it would be great if the full app allowed transactions to be tagged or logged so they could be found easier when it comess to the end of a the financial year. Also the ability to take photos & screenshots of receipts & also attach to transactions would be fantastic. Like I say it’s just an idea but certainly something that could be looked at. Thanks

The ‘spending breakdowns’ on the roadmap includes categories so they’re due next. There’s a dedicated expenses category.

You might find this post useful too

Yeah I’m on Android mate

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Publishing an estimate for when features will be available would be nice. This is devops guys.

You mean something like a roadmap? :wink:


Three month sprint?
You could release a feature a week?

Can’t be that hard to export txns to excel.

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You can do all of these things in the Android app at the moment. Tap on a transaction to change the category, and then tap on “Add Attachment” to add notes/tags a and take photos of receipts.

For the moment, the Monzo development team are 100% focused on readying the more traditional banking features for the launch of the current account. They may be able to squeeze in some some quick builds (though personally I’d rather things be done well instead of fast), but @tom has previously said in a video conference that they could build those traditional banking features in a single day if it weren’t for the outdated and complex integration process with central banks and other consumer banks.

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I would have thought you would need the same features for the android current account app if you really want to differentiate yourself. Currently “traditional bank” apps like Be are pretty similar on android.

Fortunately that’s exactly what Monzo are aiming for -