OCR of receipts

(Peter Meckiffe) #1

Add feature to photograph receipts and allow more precise categorisation of big spends.

Receipt Scan
Receipts and warranties
( related to Monzo CEO, Investor in Monzo ) #2

On iPhone you can touch the transaction entry which then gives you the option of adding a receipt photograph , you can also add detailed notes to the transaction

I think this is also available on Android phones but not being a user wouldn’t know for sure -

  • I searched “tagging receipts on Android” in the search “frying pan” - from this I found these posts


(Rika Raybould) #3

Both notes and receipt images are available on Android as attachments to a transaction.

There are no OCR capabilities today, maybe in the future or by a 3rd party service using the API. :slight_smile:

( related to Monzo CEO, Investor in Monzo ) #4

didn’t understand what OCR was - Optical Character Recognition ? :slight_smile: or …

(Rika Raybould) #5

Normally, yes. OCR = Optical Character Recognition. :+1:

(Saveen) #6

Hey guys, this is something Monzo might explore:

(Andrew Schofield) #7

I use scanbot on Android, which does a reasonable job of doing OCR on receipts. If we could upload PDFs that Monzo could index this could be a helpful short term solution if doing OCR on receipts is a planned feature for the future.

(Alex Sherwood) #8

And there’s been some more discussion about OCR here too -

And the challenges of pulling data from receipts here -

(Simon Enoch) #9

This would be a really useful feature. Currently I log multiple items from a single transaction in the notes so I can search for them, however an OCR feature would save me having to do this.

(Adrian Pine) #10

Ability to scan receipt and place receipt items into a check list format in which you can check off individual items and charge individuals for their purchases on the receipt … example when out for a meal one person pays then this is divided equally per person per item rather than split.


I think this is on the roadmap as a long term goal. I guess this falls under OCR. It would be very useful though.

Edit: it’s on the extraordinary ideas board instead as mentioned below :disappointed:

(Alex Sherwood) #12

This is a nice idea in theory but there’s some challenges with the technology that makes it hard to implement in practise :confused:

Perhaps Flux can save us :sweat_smile:

I’ve moved your post here to keep all of the discussion about this idea in one place, I hope that’s ok!

(Alex Sherwood) #13

I’m afraid this isn’t on the product roadmap right now.

(Kieran) #14

It’s on the extraordinary ideas board instead https://trello.com/c/9gi4ZOht/48-ocr-receipts-and-add-the-text-to-the-metadata-so-it-can-be-searched-or-extracted-for-expense-reporting

(Jack) #15

There’s some good stuff on that board!
Some of them I’d say could even be ticked off maybe :face_with_monocle::thinking:

(Tim Banting) #16

I would prefer a Microsoft Office Lens type way of submitting receipts. It allows you to take an image and then render it flat - de-squewing it so it looks as if it is scanned. Adding that to transactions, logging them as ‘expenses’, and then exporting a report would be great for my payroll department.

(Peter Shillito) #17

Am I right in thinking Apple Pay has the capability to pass an itemised bill with the transaction? I’m sure I read that somewhere. If places did that, no more receipts and no more wasted paper!!!

(Aleksander) #18

Wow! That would be amazing if merchants started using that. Monzo could integrate that straight into receipts.

Thinking of being ‘backwards compatible’ it would be great if after capturing a picture of the paper receipt Monzo using could generate a digital receipt (that would be searchable).

However, my (almost sole) use of receipts is the warranty. (I’ll create a new thread about it and link it here after it is done)



(Phil) #19

If I could simply forward a receipt from Monzo to Expensify/email address for my expenses when travelling in the US for work that would be a great plus for me.

(Aleksander) #20

As an alternative, you can use Curve. You can connect curve to your :monzo: card. Expensify isn’t yet supported but xero is. Maybe that helps?