Excluding a transaction from Spending stats

I’d like to be able to exclude a transaction from the stats. Eg. I’ve paid 6months rent in advance in one transaction. That’s thrown my stats out for the month but was something that I was planning and expecting. Would love to be able to exclude that and see stats that are accurate.


Yes! I would love this feature so I could see what I’ve actually “spent” as opposed to all outgoings.

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@Hendronf interesting problem. I have been experiencing something similar when it comes to utility bills. For example, water is a bulk payment that lasts a few months and others also have odd frequencies.

For me, I wasn’t looking to remove or exclude the transaction but kind of “normalise” / “smooth” it so that it would accurately reflect the outgoing on a (for example) monthly basis.

So for example: I’ve just paid my water bill £96, which covers say, 3 months and 12 days. I would like that £96 pounds to be divided up and applied pro-rata to each month that it covers.

Could be clunky to implement and UX would have to be tested but I think the value add is great, considering the value that users are placing on spending analysis. I hate these types of payments as they really throw a spanner in the works.

+1 for this. I’ve just switched to go full Monzo and have set up my standing orders which go into a joint account for my bills. I thought I could exclude this from my spending targets but the option to ‘exclude from spending’ isn’t available. So I’ve just added my bills to my spending targets to compensate.