Exclude income from spending summary

In my experience they’ll ask you if it was contactless or chip and PIN.

Not everyone that has this bug will 1) know this forum exists 2) be bothered to sign up 3) know that you need to rate problems for Monzo engineers 4) bother to do that

I’ve just had the same problem with an incoming payment - completely destroyed my budgeting for no apparent reason.

True. But if it was as widespread as you’re insinuating it would have been built by now.

Monzo take feedback through lots of channels. You’ll see lots on their social media for example.

This makes so much sense now.

I was wondering why transfers were messing up the left to spend.

Hopefully this gets sorted :sweat_smile::crossed_fingers:t3:

I don’t get some people in this forum.

There’s a bug, it’s been reported on here and not fixed. I’m escalating it to in-app chat as it’s a bug, not feedback on the app. It’s breaking budgeting for me and others.

Somehow I’m in the wrong for doing so as “it’s low priority” and I’m wasting time for those “who really need help”. :roll_eyes:

This is a bank, all customers are equal and bugs should be addressed and fixed if pointed out.

Exactly. This includes people who have offered possible explanations as to why Monzo appear to have been dragging their feet over this.

Also true. Go for it :+1:

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That isn’t escalating anything though.

Do you complain to the checkout person in Tesco if your favourite product is out of stock? “I’m really sorry about that sir, I’ll see if I can find out why that is” and then they move on and pretend they never spoke to you.

Chat will give you a generic response if they even understand what you mean.

This forum will have far more chance of getting the bug noticed. But this thread is 18 months old with a handful of posts, it’s not a huge issue for most people. It’s annoying for you and others that use the feature but that’s just life.

I’m not saying it shouldn’t be fixed, it definitely should, but there’s more important things that need fixing first that affect far more people.


No, I’d go to customer services which is what in-app chat is.

I won’t lose sleep over it if the bug isn’t fixed after speaking to one of the customer services people at Monzo, but it makes more sense to flag a budget-breaking bug there than here as no-one in this thread actually works for Monzo.

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Totally agree that this needs to be resolved.

What use is the budgeting? If a single Monzo to Monzo payment can break it. Happens to me for the past few months and I have all but given up on the budgeting functionality as a result now, which means custom categories are pretty pointless as well.

Whilst it is nice that some Monzo staff provide updates on the forum, it would be far better to have somewhere better linked in app to report bugs. As not enough people are aware of these forums.

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Having heard nothing back about this since raising it back in April with support I decided to raise the issue again in chat.

Total waste of time, all I learned is Monzo has no intention of looking at this or another issue I raised around the inaccuracy of the credit tracker compared to the actual report data from TransUnion.

Fobbed off is the best way to describe the response.

Having been a strong supporter of Monzo and encouraging people to sign up, I’m now inclined to say look elsewhere until Monzo gets their house in order.

I do agree it needs fixing and it’s incredibly easy to break the budgeting with Monzo. But complaining via chat is completely pointless. It’s the same as moaning at a till person in Tesco. They say they’ll pass it on and that it’s being looked into or it’s something they’d like to do and that’s about it. You might as well shout it out of your letterbox.

Using this forum is far better. But expecting it to be changed within a couple of months of you mentioning it is very unlikely.

In the grand scheme of things this has 34 votes in over 2 years. It’s not important to most people and such it’s unlikely to be prioritised by Monzo.

If you’re a Plus/Premium user, and not happy with the service, then ask to raise a complaint, or cancel your subscription. You’re paying for something that you don’t deem to be correct/valuable.

I will most likely be doing exactly that at the end of the month.

It’s a shame that Monzo doesn’t really show any real interest in fixing things anymore.

They’re continually improving things, all the evidence you need is right here on this community.

What you need to understand is that they can’t do everything right now and all at once. They have to make a list and prioritise based on demand, time, cost (and likely many other things), then weigh that up against everything else people and the business needs.

You may believe it to be high priority but they’ve clearly crunched the numbers and decided otherwise. You can even get an idea from the number of votes on here. 34 votes in 2 years is pretty low.

I’m almost certain they won’t have said “we’re not going to do this”, so with that you can’t say they’re not interested in fixing it. I’m sure they will get to it eventually but right now it’s not a priority.

I totally agree with you @Ordog .

Working with an IT consultancy role myself I fully understand the need to prioritise work and base this on the level of impacted customers. But, this is connected to a paid service which is being impacted so it would be good if Monzo was able to at the very least provide a timescale for a fix.

It isn’t too much to ask for. If I told one of my customers we will look at something. Their first question will always be when?

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What’s wrong with the credit part of Plus/Premium?

Just wondering if it’s something I just haven’t noticed.

It displays different scores to any other app populated by Transunion i.e Credit Karma

Previously they stated it was to do with the different update cycles, i.e CK updates every week and Monzo every month, but even if you’re lucky enough they update on the same day then they are still wrong.

I suppose it 's whether you care about the imaginary number or not

Edit: not sure i’m talking about the right thing, apologies if not


Yeah the fact that it is a paid service is a bit of a bummer but I’m not sure about the timescale part.

For instance, I’m aware of a bug in the Android software my phone uses at the moment. I wouldn’t expect to be able to call them and get a timescale for a fix. I can just see on their blog that they have a comment from someone that says “We’re aware of the issue and our engineers are working on a fix to get to you as soon as possible”.

Which is just another way of wording what Monzo have told you.

I too work in the IT industry and our job list and priorities change by the hour. We would never commit to any sort of timeframe for that reason. We only give updates on the jobs that are actively being worked on.

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@Addzy thats it exactly.

The score itself never appears to be correct mine for example shows a score that has not been my score on a single day for the past 14 days with TransUnion after a daily refresh. However Monzo is showing I now have a mortgage which was only added in the past 7 days. So where the actual score is actually coming from is unknown.

Although like you said the scores don’t mean anything really but it should match up at least.

There’s other inaccuracies too, Monzo tell me in different negative alerts that I’m using more than 25% and more than 50% of a credit limit on an account yet don’t show me which account. CK don’t report that, mainly I guess because it’s just not true.

I think my highest utilisation on one account right now is roughly 19%.

Lucky for :mondo: whilst I think it’s good to have the credit score in app, it’s not one of the reasons I really have Plus otherwise i’d be more annoyed