Complex Transactions

Complex Transactions

Budgeting doesn’t quite work right when excluding transactions that you’ve split with someone. This has it’s own thread, but I’d like to suggest some changes to how transactions behave.

[Edit] I’ve clarified the section below.

My idea is when a transaction is first registered, it should act as the first transaction in a series of grouped transactions.

Here, the transaction group / container will be referred to as the parent and any transactions in that group will be referred to as that group’s children (aka a parent - child relationship).

The useful feature here is that any related transactions, such as having the original transaction partially refunded, would be another child in that series, allowing the parent to calculate the balance of the group.

This would allow your budget to accurately reflect the overall expenditure.


The transaction history view (for all transactions) should show the itemised transactions as it does now, but with a symbol showing that this transaction is part of a group that has one or more sibling transactions.

Opening up one of these transactions should display the history of group, as well as the parent’s current balance. Payment requests (and their paid status) should also show on this view.

Your budget should reflect only the parent’s current balance, not those of the child transactions.

You should have the ability to manually add transactions as children to other transactions.


Account Transactions

  • :baby:+£10 From friend1 (Some restaurant) 11/10/2019 (child)
  • :woman: -£30 Some restaurant​:exclamation: 10/11/2019 (original)

Transaction Breakdown

  • -£20 Some restaurant :exclamation:(you are owed money)
    • +£10 From friend1 11/10/2019
    • Requested £10 from friend2 10/11/2019 :heavy_multiplication_x:
    • Requested £10 from friend1 10/11/2019 :white_check_mark:
    • -£30 Some restaurant 10/11/2019


  • Eating Out
    • :page_with_curl:-£20 Some restaurant 10/11/2019 (Advanced)