Exchange rate not showing

Has monzo stopped publishing the exchange rates below the transaction amounts? I used to see the exchange rates and see them for older transactions but not for any newer ones.

Also have the exchange rates got worse in recent months? I was getting very favorable euro rates to GBP but they now look lees so.


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the exchange rate is shown on the transaction details, - though only the settled amount is shown in the home screen, going back to 2015 I only have the settled amount on the home screen (iOS) not the exchange rate - Image-1

has the exchange rate got worse in recent months ?

  • it fluctuates :slight_smile: - this year it was 1.13 start of January , 1.1487 Jan 24th , 1.1185 Mar 2nd , 1.1485 April 6th -

depends when you want to compare was 1.75 in May 2000, 1.03 in Jan 2009 :slight_smile:

The exchange rate message is slightly different for meimage

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I think that’s because yours hasn’t settled yet, so is an estimate.


You just beat me to it. :+1:

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22nd December is showing but 23 December onwards is not. So my question still stands. Has there been some change?

The screenshot I posted is from today. So, in my experience, nothing has changed.

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