Foreign Currency Rendering in the daily transaction flow

Hello you lovely Mondonauts-

Just a quick word to tell you how lovely your “Mondo Flow” is showing the transactions in their native currencies! Recently I was in the US and S Korea and whatever ch ages you have made - they are awesome! I love the clean simplicity! You guys have won my heart as the best bank for a multi-country lifestyle! Stellar job!


Yeah, glad you like it! You’re totally going to love what we are working right now, I’ll share a sneak peek soon :sunglasses:

On the flipside there are still a few things we need to sort out about the currency exchange.

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However, what’s missing it’s a clear visualization of what exchange rate was applied to a specific transaction (it could be shown in the transaction details).

Also, would be nice to know what’s the spread on the mid-market rate that is being applied… Is it always the same?

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For the alpha, @matteogamba, I am so happy with this layout- but as you point out as we leave this dream world of commission free money for the reality of banking we need that data.

My vote is that the flow stay exactly as it is in the Flow and the FX info is in the transaction detail once we click on it. The truth of the matter is- generally- I am usually vaguely aware of what the prevailing rate is in my three countries- but for expenses it will be a required bit of data!