Exchange not received

I was sent a currency exchange to Brazil three weeks ago and until today the money is not available in my monzo account, how do I get this money?

Was it sent via wise or directly to your monzo account?

directly to my account

Monzo don’t support international transfers so the money has likely been returned to the sender. You can read about it in the below article:

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The point is, it didn’t go back to the sender’s account, so where’s the money?

It didn’t hit Monzo otherwise they would have credited your account with it so they won’t be able to tell you. The sender will have to trace it

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The sender will have to reach out to their bank - or the service used to transfer the money - and get them to trace it. There isn’t anything Monzo are able to do to help you unfortunately, as the issue is with the sender - not with Monzo who don’t support receiving international payments.

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