Excel Bank Statement Automation

Hi there,

I would like to recieve the csv files that Monzo generates as statement histories (on request) automatically each month - for example, as an email attachment.

A similar feature has been discussed here but in relation to PDFs

The mod suggested some authentication may be required for data protection, which would be fine.

A large part of the discussion in that thread was “why is this feature needed?”. I want to create an automated ETL from several sources of personal financial data in order to do my own analysis of my spending/investment/assets/liabilities.

This would encompass my monzo bank statements, savings accounts, investment trading platforms and so on. So, whilst Monzo does an admirable job of reporting on current account spending, the analysis I am trying to do is more wide-reaching and would be a much bigger development at a production scale (rather than just for little me on my personal computer).

As such it would be great if Monzo were able to help me set up an automated data feed of my current account spending - either in the form I suggest or some other manner.

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If you pay for Plus/Premium then all transactions can be automatically added to GoogleSheets.


Awesome, thanks for this suggestion - that is pretty much what I need. I will investigate further!

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This thread is a good starting point and documents the progress a few of us have been making on this area of automated financial dashboards.

This post is also maybe a good starting point, but things have moved on a little since what I wrote here and you’ll find others have approached the same problem slightly differently:


Nice, looks like you guys are all over this already. I’ve been working on my own logic in R, but there is certainly some idea-provoking discussion in the threads you have linked to - liked!


Do come back and share your ideas - and even code/dashboards if you fancy it


Sure, will do. Time to get developing!