Error Submitting Verification Code

(Kimberley ) #1

I have uninstallied and reinstalled Monzo app on android but same problem occurring. It says my card is ready so I fill out my address, phone number and recieve verification code, which I type in and tap on the ‘submit code’ button but nothing happen…
Have contacted Beth on the team who has been very polite and helpful but its a strange one! She is asking around too but if anyone can help it would be very much appreciated. I go away in August and this has been highly recommended so really want it! :slight_smile: TIA!!!

(Kimberley ) #2

I’ve done it yay!!!
By the looks of it all I had to do was tap the back button on my phone instead of the enter button on the keypad to make the keypad go away, just to enable me to press the submit code button…
Goodness knows how this made any difference but it worked and now I’ve finally been able to finish the application.
Whoa and phew, what a task lol.
Very happy customer and not even got the card yet hahaha.
Thanks Beth for your assistance earlier!