Error refreshing notes across different devices

(Sacha) #1

Iโ€™ve recently started using the :santa: emoticon in the notes next to my Xmas related expenditure. Once Iโ€™d settled on the emoticon to use I went back and added it into various existing transactions on the Android app (for some of the older entries I had originally used :evergreen_tree: or :gift: )

Then I searched for all the :santa: related expenses using the search facility on the iOS app. Only expenses where I had originally added :santa: icon at the time seemed to show. I was able to scroll back through the transactions on iOS and when I clicked on each one individually the notes/emoticon refreshed. When I searched again it then gave me an updated :santa: total including all those entries where Iโ€™d retrospectively gone to add Santa.

Just wondered if it was a bug relating to not refreshing the notes across devices for old transactions?

(Tristan Thomas) #2

Itโ€™s more related to the fact we donโ€™t update older transactions very often (at the moment). If you deleted the app and reinstalled, that would pull in a fresh version of all the transactions with emoji etc :slight_smile: (Weโ€™ll be improving this in the future!)