Error message, can't access the app

I’m asked to enter my pin in the app but it comes up with the error message “Close any overlaying apps to continue - an app working at the forefront of your screen is blocking you from continuing. Close it then try again”

I’ve closed everything and it’s still not working. So i can’t even access the app for a chat with CS. Any ideas please?!

Can you confirm what make and model of phone you are using?

Huawei P30 Pro

Make sure you haven’t got any launchers or keyboard swipe apps enabled?

There have been issues before with overlay apps and these tend to be the reason. The only other topic I can find with the same phone didn’t reveal if a solution was found, alas.

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I always found Facebook messenger to be a prime suspect for this on my own phones! Could be worth changing the settings on that as a first step if you use it :thinking:

Thank you! I don’t use FB messenger, but it might be WhatsApp. Disappointing though that this would happen!

I use many different over laying apps and never seen this issue on Android, curious as to why it only triggers with some people and fine with others

Combination of android version, handset version, app versions means it’s likely gonna re-occur, too many variables??

Turn on power saving mode (settings - battery) and this will disable the overlaying apps in the background. You’re welcome

Have the exact same problem with a P30 Pro on Android 10. Any help please?

Restart your phone.

Have done several times